15-Nov-2018Humble, TX+26 milesItems Wanted
If you have an extra, fully working electric kitchen stove/oven that you no longer need, please let me know asap so I can arrange a pickup. My stove caught fire and completely went out just in time for winter!
15-Nov-2018Humble, TX+26 milesItems Wanted
Any and all coat hangers you have to spare, no judgments on the crappy ones lol :)
15-Nov-2018Deer Park, TX+10 milesItems Wanted
Will pick up
8-Nov-2018Humble, TX+26 milesItems Wanted
Any working TV for my Stepdaughter and young kids. I guess I should make this clear, any size TV that can be moved in a car.
6-Nov-2018Humble, TX+26 milesItems Wanted
Please allow me to pickup your unwanted electronic devices ie; old VCRs,camcorders.also old electrical cord and wires.aluminums etc . Need 12 55 gal plastic drums to reclaim rain water
6-Nov-2018Humble, TX+26 milesItems Wanted
Would like to start as a hobby Ingots crucibles etc .please
5-Nov-2018Humble, TX+26 milesItems Wanted
Do you have a stash of National Geographic magazines that you've never known what to do with? I'll take them off your hands!
5-Nov-2018Humble, TX+26 milesItems Wanted
I will pick up non working electronic devices,small non working small appliances. Aluminum cans and foils etc.for free please.
5-Nov-2018Humble, TX+26 milesItems Wanted
Please help me find 12:55 gal plastic barrels .I want to reclaim rain water and use for recycling storage .please
Looking for junked or inoperable kids electric cars. I'm building a couple of pedal cars for my grandsons and will convert to electric power. I need the drivetrain to do it. Don't throw yours in the trash, I will come get it.
1-Nov-2018Humble, TX+26 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a walking cane that has four legs due to arthritis.
1-Nov-2018Humble, TX+26 milesItems Wanted
Space Heater need for a single room to make it through winter.
23-Oct-2018Humble, TX+26 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for used or unwanted candle containers or glass containers tea cups and saucers or coffee mugs will do also. We are working on a project and using different types of containers and glass and sand. Thank you in advance
23-Oct-2018Humble, TX+26 milesItems Wanted
Need 4 boxes in good condition for a project. Thank you.
22-Oct-2018La Porte, TX+5 milesItems Wanted
ISO TV STAND for 60inch flat screen TV
ISO a TV stand that will hold a 60 inch flat screen TV
20-Oct-2018Humble, TX+26 milesItems Wanted
Wanted baby bed
.In need of a decent sized night stand. Thank you
12-Oct-2018Deer Park, TX+10 milesItems Wanted
Looking for an ab-roller type machine. I have every other thing I need to workout the rest of the body.
We desperately need a king size mattress. We r sleeping on hard wood flooring. If you can help please call Perla @ 832-488-0259
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